Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm doing Kart Wheels!

I just have to share these cookies! I made them yesterday for a RecipeZaar event called Pick A Chef. Definitely a keeper! They're just so cute!

The recipe makes 6 large cookies or you can cut each dough portion in half & make smaller cookies, but I loved how quick & easy these were & we don't have a lot of extra cookies sitting around that we HAVE to eat. ;)
As it was, Bryan & I had to stop ourselves from eating them all before we told the kids about them! We saved one for each of them for after Sophie's nap.
I love how big & special these look, so in the future I'll double or even triple the recipe and still make the large cookies. The dough is super easy to make and handle. I started out making the impressions with a metal heart shaped measuring spoon (a beloved gift from my sis!) so the cookies would be round with a jelly heart in the center, but the impressions just weren't big enough that way and I had to make them bigger with my thumbs. I think next time I could make double the cookies (not the recipe) & make a Tablespoon heart impression in each smaller cookie, using less jam.
Today I used raspberry pie filling (a can I've been hanging onto for a VERY long time, but can't remember what I bought it for) and the 6 large cookies barely held one Tablespoon of that (I have plenty leftover to make more cookies! ).

From the A-Z Kids Cookbook (which I think I actually own...) but posted on RZ by JDame: Kart Wheels

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  1. Wow! These look super good for me to make when the grandchildren come to visit.


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