Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Made in America!

As parents, we do our best to stay vigilant when it comes to the toys our children play with. It's no surprise that recent news stories about toy manufacturing done in foreign countries, using toxic materials, has cast an ugly shadow over the entire toy industry. What was a surprise to me however, was reading an article with good news about a toy. As it turns out, one of my daughter's favorite toys can proudly wear the label, Made in America. The highly recognizable Little Tikes Cozy Coupe toddler car is made in Hudson, Ohio and when I stumbled on this article at MSNBC, Made in U.S.A. makes Cozy Coupe a Rarity, by Allison Linn, I felt proud to have been a loyal Little Tikes customer for the last 17 years. But what really made me feel good was when I saw the link asking for readers to submit photos of their loved ones and their Cozy Coupes. Every parent loves to show off photos of our kids and here was a chance to not only show off Sophie, but to show my support for a company whose ultimate goal continues to be one of building durable and safe toys for our children.
The submitted photos were posted this morning and I so enjoyed looking at every single one of them (the Cozy Coupe Drive-In being a favorite). I'm also proud that my little tot, cruisin' in her Cozy Coupe, made the cut. You can see all of these little sweeties and submit your own photos at Cozy Coupes - Made in America.

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