Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ooey-Gooey Marshmallow Brownies

These brownies are my new favorite recipe.  I love brownies almost as much as donuts, so when my mom told me about this Ooey-Gooey Marshmallow Brownies recipe from the book Bakin' Brownies by Susan Devins, I had to try it.  Brownies are one of those divisive foods.  Like chocolate chip cookies.  There are usually two camps, the fudgy brownies and the cakey brownies.  Consider me a fudgy brownie lover.  This recipe makes a perfect fudgy brownie.  Unfortunately, I made a mistake by using the Perfect Brownie Pan, which is great for brownies, but far from perfect for brownies with things like marshmallows or bits of fruit in them.  Regardless of how they looked after I got them out of the pan, they tasted divine.  They rose up in the oven and baked into a fudgy-bottomed brownie with a thin, glossy, top.  With the addition of marshmallows in this recipe, I half expected the brownies to look like S'mores, but the marshmallows puffed up and then mostly melted away. The good news was they were not a big mess for two goofy kindergarteners to eat.
These are by far the fudgiest brownies I've ever made, and it will be my go-to recipe from now on.  I stored them in a tightly sealed container on the counter top, and I'm quite proud that I did not eat them all in one day, so I can tell you that they are still soft and moist four days after baking. Go ahead, try these ones.  You will not be sorry! 

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