Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brown Sugar Pound Cake or Cupcakes

Easier than burnt sugar cake and a really good substitute is the Brown Sugar Pound Cake(cupcakes) I've been tinkering with. Originally credited to the website I found it on Zaar, here: Brown Sugar Pound Cake

I've made the cake into cupcakes and actually ended up enjoying them even better that way. I've tried them with both the frosting from the cake recipe and this frosting, Browned Butter Frosting. Both frostings were deliciously thick & rich and both very good.

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  1. Love the way you press on the name and the recipe comes up. I have been trying to do that since I started blogging; haven<t succeeded yet.Maybe I't too old.It has been a pleasure reading you.
    Rita/Sage from Zaar


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